The BRAVE Director

EP 2.11 Show Up As Your Whole Self with Jill Heiman

March 8, 2020

Join us this week as I speak with Jill Heiman for round two of deep heartfelt wisdom. Jill was on the show in Season 1, it's a great listen on visioning and defining your values, you can go back and listen here. In this episode we dive into showing up fully as yourself, and bonus - Jill gave me some coaching, which means there is a double layer of learning. You can ask yourself the same questions and you can take the way she honed the questions to what I was needing into your work with coaching staff. Plus in listening back, I hope everyone takes away the importance of sisterhood and connection as our friendship is very apparent throughout this episode. 

To learn more about Jill's work, visit her website Awake Journey and follow Jill on Instagram @awakejourney and email her at to start you Awake Journey with her! 

Get ready for BOSS - The Brave Outdoor Self Series with Ruby Compton from Ruby Outdoors (@rubyoutdoors) and myself as we guide new camp directors (first 4 years in camping) through deep inner leadership skills through experiential learning in the Blue Ridge Mountains in April. Registration open soon! And we will have a second BOSS experience for Camp Directors and Owners coming at ya Fall 2020. 

Finally, I'm taking one-on-one coaching clients currently. I work with clients in packages of 3 or 6 sessions and we dive into self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-care. Even with your busy spring, this is a great time to do some inner work before summer. Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call with me here

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 Until next time, Hearts Forward, Be Brave!


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